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Game-changing' new technique in kidney transplants could help ethnic minorities get help faster

A new technique described as potentially "game-changing" in kidney transplants has been developed by scientists from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. It could assist with Māori and Pacific peoples, who are less likely to receive a kidney transplant here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Had the conversation? Altruistic donation

Only a handful of New Zealanders have donated their kidney to a complete stranger - would you? Watch this update by Seven Sharp for the full story.

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Kidney transplant a family affair

Frankie Boyd lives a happy and good life today, 15 years after receiving a kidney transplant from his sister Marrise. The two siblings and their mum Francis talk to The Gisborne Herald to promote awareness and encourage more people to become organ donors . . .

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What is it like to receive a new Kidney

To mark World Kidney Day, Jesse speaks to Kidney Health NZ General Manager Michael Campbell and transplant recipient Katherine Paton.

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