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I guess you could say like most kidney transplant recipients I have some scars – both physically and emotionally. The biggest thing I wish people could understand about the illness of kidney disease is that it’s invisible to those who don’t know. And so in order to make it visible many of us in the community try to make it visible in many ways whether that be through their vocation, their sport, or even their art. My name is Matt and this is my story of how as a young male, a kidney transplant was the biggest gift I could ever have received. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and brings life to not only the recipient but those around them.

I have always known my kidney was a little special. Throughout my childhood I would regularly go to appointments and have my blood taken without really knowing why. This was all when I was a child growing up in Liverpool without a care in the world as to what might happen to my sole pelvic kidney I would call Billy Bob in time. Affected by reflux but working exceptionally, I didn’t really understand what this could mean other than I only had one kidney.

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