Holiday Dialysis

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Holiday Dialysis Units

Kawakawa, Northland

For home haemodialysis trained patients able to use a Fresenius machine
Dialysis Unit, Kawakawa


Whangarei Renal Service
Phone: 09 430 4101 ext 5895
Fax: 09 404 2823

Auckland Hospital Dialysis Unit

Based in the grounds of Auckland Hospital on Park Road and dependent on availability.


The Charge Nurse
Phone: 09 307 4949 ext 6834

Middlemore Hospital Dialysis Unit

Based in Otahuhu opposite Middlemore Hospital, they prefer 6-8 weeks notice, but will do their best to help in emergencies. Limit 2 weeks.


Sally Fox 021 968 340
Phone: 09 276 0044 ext 2549

Waikato Dialysis Unit

Based in Waikato Hospital and dependent on availability.


Nicky Hagan
Phone: 07 839 8741

Tauranga Dialysis Unit

Building 10, Tauranga Hospital
Cameron Road, Tauranga
Phone: 07 579 8093

Whakatane Hospital

Ground Floor, Whakatane Hospital
Phone: 07 306 0734

Rotorua Satellite Dialysis Unit

The Rotorua Satellite Dialysis Unit will accept visitors if they book well in advance. This needs to be done through the visitor's local renal unit.


Phone: 07 343 7785

Gisborne  Dialysis Unit

Gisborne Satellite Dialysis Unit will accept visitors if they book well in advance and dependent on availability.

Contact: Sandra Hay. 06 869 0500. Ext 8947.

Hawkes Bay Mobile Camper Van

This van can be driven on a standard car licence.
The unit has been specially constructed to allow people with Urinary Tract Disorders, in particular, those on C.A.P.D., Haemodialysis, or who have had transplants, to enjoy a holiday.
The unit has the capability to house a Dialysis Machine and comes equipped with a microwave for the warming of Dialysis Bags.
This microwave MUST ONLY be used for this medical purpose and NOT for the heating of food.
Linen, pillows, towels, disposables, and per-sonal items required for dialysing MUST be supplied by the patient
The unit is made available to both New Zealand and overseas renal patients, through a booking system, with priority being given to Hawke’s Bay Kidney Support Group or H.B. members.
Driving Unit
The van is a 3.3 litre diesel Mitsubishi Canter, with all the usual features of a camper van.
The van dimensions are:
Weight 3160 kg Length 6.3 metres
Height 3.0 metres Width 2.3 metres
It is the patient’s responsibility to insure, supply, maintain and arrange for the fitting of their dialysis machine into the motor-home. It is also the patient’s responsibility to ensure that they have made arrangements to have their dialysis machine removed from the Dialysis motor-home at the end of their holiday.
The responsibility on the correct use of the Dialysis Machine, lies with each patient, (as it does when you are at home).
The 12volt batteries provide power for all the lighting and the water pump.
To use the power points or to use your Dialysis Machine, you MUST plug into a Mains Power at a camping ground OR other Mains Power source.
There is a generator, (in case of power failure).
 Dialysis area, ¾ bed (or seating with table)
 5+ berth with attachable awning.
Strobe light on top of roof to make Dialysis motor-home instantly recognisable in an emer-gency
NB: Television and radio are not supplied, but you are welcome to bring your own.
Today, the Dialysis motor-home is adminis-tered by the Hawke’s Bay East Coast Kidney Society Charitable Trust.
The motor-home is managed by a dedicated group of volunteers.
This motor-home is for your enjoyment and the people who will follow on from you.
The Trustees reserve the right to deny further access to this resource, it they feel that due care and attention was not shown in its use.
Smoking and pets are strictly prohibited in-side the entire dialysis motor-home AT ALL TIMES.
We trust that you will have an enjoyable and safe holiday

TO MAKE A BOOKING Contact Linda Ogle Ph (06) 845-1600
Email Linda (
Please forward a cheque (do not send cash) to:
Hawke’s Bay and East Coast Kidney Society Charitable Trust
C/- Linda Ogle
18 Lee Road
Costs current as at April 2014.
Please confirm when booking.

A non-refundable deposit of $25.00 for weekend hire or $50.00 for longer periods is required to secure your booking and a bond of $100.00 is required when the Dialysis motor-home is uplifted. The Dialysis motor-home will not be released until the bond has been paid.
You MUST also return the Dialysis motor-home with a FULL tank of diesel. When you uplift the motor-home, it will have a full tank of diesel.
If the motor-home is returned in a good condition, has been cleaned, (Cleaning equipment is provided at the garage for this purpose), the bond of $100.00 will be returned. If the motor-home requires cleaning by either ourselves or a professional cleaner, the bond of $100.00 will NOT be returned to the Hirer.
Bond $100.00
Night $ 40.00
Weekly $230.00
Bond $100.00
Night $ 50.00
Weekly $300.00
Bond $100.00
Night $ 125.00
Weekly $550.00
NB New Zealand dollars
Currently, a 35 cent per km charge also applies to cover Road User Charges, Certificate of Fitness Fees etc.
Insurance Policy Restrictions:
1. All drivers must be over the age of 25 years, hold a current drivers licence and be free of any criminal convictions.
2. A $500 excess will be payable by the hirer in the event of any insurance claim.
3. It is highly recommended that the driver have ‘AA Plus’ cover for road side assistance as well as a cell phone for safety/medical emergency.
Time for uplifting and returning the motor-home will be by mutual agreement.
The Dialysis motor-home is housed in a large, lockable, double garage on the grounds of the Hawke’s Bay Hospital, Hastings.
Arrangements can be made for patients to house their private vehicle in our garage, if required, whilst they are on holiday.
Please note however, that no responsibility will be taken by the Hawke’s Bay East Coast Kidney Society Charitable Trust or the Hawke’s Bay Kidney Support Group for any vehicle, (other than the Dialysis motor-home), whilst it is being housed in the garage.
Dialysis Motor-Home
The Dr Bruce Morrison Memorial
Mobile Dialysis Holiday Unit
It was the dream of Norman Martin, who, worked with the HB East Coast Kidney Society, to fundraise for this dialysis motor home. His tireless efforts have provided renal patients with the opportunity to have a holiday away from home, whilst still being able to dialy-sis and keep to their medical regime.
A Service provided by:
Hawke’s Bay East Coast Kidney Society
Charitable Trust

Taupo Holiday Home

Run by the Wellington Regional Kidney Society - an attractively appointed three bedroom home in a suburban street on the eastern outskirts of Taupo.


Rental Rates

Patient members and immediate families - $60 per night, $300 per week
Other members/societies - $70 per night, $350 per week
Non-members - $90 per night, $450 per week
Special rates may be available on application


Reservation requests
Phone: 04 382 9693

Taranaki - New Plymouth

Taranaki Renal Unit, Located on the Ground Floor of New Plymouth Hospital on David Street.
Holiday dialysis dependant on availability


Clinical Nurse Manager - Jane Gubb
Phone: 06 753 8631

Nelson Dialysis Unit

The haemodialysis unit is situated in the Intensive care unit at Nelson Hospital. We consider all requests and do our utmost to accomodate people for at least some time. It is difficult over Christmas and New Year depending on the number of patients on dialysis at the time of the request.


Robyn Price

Phone: 03 546 1800 extn 7772


Christchurch Dialysis Unit

Based at Christchurch Hospital

Phone 03 364 1032


Christchurch Mobile Dialysis Unit

Take you off on your long awaited (aren't they always) holiday weekend or plan a spring break. Our mobile Dialysis Unit is fully equipped for all dialysis needs and bookings can be organised by phoning Kieran Smith or Selwyn Heatley at The Home Dialysis Training Centre on 364 0610.

Hire Charges: The current fees are as follows: (all include GST, insurance and road user charges)

  1. New Zealand dialysis patients: @200 bond plus $50/day.
  2. Overseas dialysis patients: $500 bond plus $125/day ($NZD).

Conditions of use apply, bond and hire fees must be paid in full by either cash or cheque at least 2 weeks prior to picking up the vehicle. Note: The Christchurch Kidney Society will consider the reduction or waiving of these fees for any dialysis patient under the care of the Nephrology Department, Christchurch Hospital, for whom payment would be a burden.

To discuss this option please contact the Renal Social Worker, Christchurch Hospital Ph (03) 364 0420.

Bookings and general enquiries should be directed to:
Dialysis Services,
Christchurch Hospital,
Private Bag 4710,
Christchurch 8140,
New Zealand
Telephone: (03) 364-0614

Dunedin Hospital Dialysis Unit

This unit is situated in Dunedin Public Hospital, Great King Street. Dunedin unit is a small home training unit with limited capacity for visitors. Non-NZ resident dialysis is chargeable, price on application. Travel insurance is strongly recommended should the Dialysis Unit not be able to honor an agreed booking and advise that there is no longer capacity for a scheduled holiday dialysis.

Enquiries regarding holiday dialysis either in the unit or for those who are independent, the holiday  dialysis house in Dunstan, Central Otago click on the dollowing link Information on Dunedin Hospital Holiday dialysis facility at Dunstan Hospital)


Acting Associate Charge Nurse Manager
Phone: 03 470 9345
Fax: 03 470 9508

Otago and Southland Caravan

This is a fully furnished 5 berth caravan with a Fresenius 4008b machine and has living equipment and household items for six. Patients need to bring their own linen. This caravan is a 6.3 metre 2 door model and the dialysis area is curtained off. The caravan can be used for set periods at various resorts and locations in Otago and Southland. The hire period will be for one week and on the day of departure it is expected you will leave at 10.00am. The hire fee is $10.00 a day and camp fee is to be paid by the patient. Note you must be able to use a Fresenius 4008b independently i.e. you need to be home haemo trained.

This initiative is thanks to the Lions Club of Owaka in conjunction with other Lions Clubs in South Otago, Central Otago and Southland who have provided a caravan haemo dialysis patients to have a holiday away from home.


Applications - Alan Burgess, Greenwood Farm, 739 Purakaunui Falls Road, Owaka
Phone/Fax: 03 415 8259